Identity Change Through Positive Affirmation

Positive affirmation for identity change
Photo by USGS / Unsplash

There is a lot of talk around positive affirmations. There is something to it. It's no secret that our minds are powerful.

The real power is in identity change.

Studies show that the difference between people who experience massive weight loss and sustain it vs. those who gain the weight back is identity. Those who are able to sustain it report identifying themselves in a completely new and different way.

I relate to this. I lost over 100 pounds, and even though I've gained a bit of that back, it's mostly been lean mass. The exercise and eating habits I formed during that weight loss fundamentally changed who I am.

I saw those changes expressed in how people related to me and identified me. I was suddenly the guy people asked for workout advice. I remember talking about going on a difficult hike with some friends and one of them said "Noah would leave me in the dust."

It wasn't just losing weight that changed these things. It was that I had become this new person.

Weight loss is just an example. This conversation is greater than one attribute. The moral of the story is that we become who we believe we are. That's why WHAT we think matters.

Change your mind, change your life.

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