About Noah

Noah German painting
Painting by the talented Jessica Sebok

I'm just a guy with varying interests and a hope that those interests, along with life experience, might provide some value to someone. More than that, this blog serves as a personal experiment of vulnerability. There must be folks out there who identify with my weird brain and might feel comfort in knowing they're not alone. If you are one of those folks, subscribe and let me know.

I work as a project manager and SEO strategist for a digital marketing firm in St. Louis, MO.

I love to learn.

I spend my time exploring new topics and doing deep dives into things like diet and exercise, language learning (especially Spanish), travel, business, entrepreneurship, and copywriting.

I have a particular interest in behavior, especially in the business world. Organizational behavior, organizational design, and organizational psychology interest me to no end.

If it matters to you, I hold a bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master's in Business Administration. I believe, really and truly, that everything is connected.

One of the hosts of The Unbecoming Platypus Podcast

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