The Spanish Tutor's Secret Weapon: ChatGPT's Custom Exercises!

ChatGPT for Custom Language Exercises
Photo by ilgmyzin / Unsplash

Last night in my Spanish lesson, my tutor told me he was having a hard time finding good exercises for a particular thing I was struggling with.

He spent some time searching the internet with little luck.

Since I work in SEO, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to use AI to augment my work to help guide research, generate ideas, and even produce outlines for content.

I've written before about how I use ChatGPT to help me in my Spanish studies. I recommended we try asking the language model to produce some custom exercises that I could work through with him to practice.

It's All About the Prompt

It's amazing how quickly ChatGPT can generate exercises, but they aren't always as advanced as you'd like them. In this case, we were looking to practice specific exceptions to Spanish rules.

Pro tip - Ask ChatGPT to tell you about the rules or exceptions you're trying to practice. If what it generates is accurate, then ask it to generate exercises specific to what it just taught you.

You'll get a much better output.

Happy learning!

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